Medical device power, KMDICA is made

KMDICA will do everything in our power to help Korea emerge
as the world’s powerhouse in terms of medical devices.

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We would like to express our deep gratitude to
all of you who visit the homepage of the Korea
Medical Devices Industrial Coop. Association

KMDICA, an umbrella organization of the Ministry of Health and Welfare,
which consists of about 600 medical device manufacturers, has made all-out efforts
to contribute to the development of the domestic medical device industry
since it was established in 1979.
From now on, we will help our members enhance their global competitiveness along with
a variety of businesses based on what we have so far achieved for industrial development,
so that the South Korean medical device industry can be newly born as the world’s 7th strongest powerhouse.

First, we will positively push forward with what our members call for the relevant government ministries to do and improve in connection
with the difficulties faced by small- and medium-sized companies by advancing the function for developing policies.
Second, we will help medical device manufacturers enhance their capabilities by supporting research and human resource development
aimed at making their products more competitive.
Third, we will lay the foundation for domestic consumption to be brisk by strengthening the public relations of top-class medical devices
produced in South Korea and expanding their overseas markets.
Fourth, we will consolidate our export assistance by carving out new markets in the world.

It is expected that a variety of detrimental factors will further slow down domestic consumption and make the global economy fall into a
recession. Against this backdrop, we will do everything in our power to tide over hurdles in Korea and abroad, and to help South Korea
emerge as the world’s 7th strongest powerhouse in terms of medical devices

We sincerely hope that all of you will pay attention and encouragement to us so that our efforts will bear fruits.

Thank you.
Jae Hwa Lee,    Director General of KMDICA