Medical device power, KMDICA is made

KMDICA will do everything in our power to help Korea emerge
as the world’s powerhouse in terms of medical devices.

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Main Activities of the KMDICA

Major Businesses
1. Improving and developing policies aimed at promoting the purchase of domestic equipment and expanding export
Operating the Medical Devices Industry and the System Improvement Council
Participating in the Human Resources Development Committee for each industry
Expanding the designation of businesses suitable for small and medium companies as well as mid-term competition products
Conducting research on how to lay the foundation for making the medical device industry more competitive
2. Providing aid for research and human resource development to enhance product competitiveness
Operating the Sector Council
Operating the National Human Resources Development Consortium
Projects aimed at carving out new markets and developing next-generation medical devices
Aid project for the one-on-one coaching program by European certification experts
Technology development of essential module parts for each department or each disease diagnosis and cure
Project to develop a joint human resource management system for small- and medium-sized companies
Work to recommend and check out items that cannot be easily manufactured
Work to newly select companies for industrial function agents and to recommend personnel allocation
3. Laying out the foundation for the public relations of and markets for excellent products
Holding KIMES
Holding the Domestic Medical Devices Exhibition
Jointly running Med LAB Korea
Providing newsletters and aiding the publication of the directory in English
4. Making use of overseas export infrastructures and carving out new markets
Operating the Korean Pavilion at 11 major overseas exhibitions including
the MEDICA Exhibition in Germany
Operating Overseas Medical Device Complex Aid Centers (Vietnam and Indonesia)
Operating the Yacheon Localization Advancement Aid Center
Recommending global first-class goods
Taking part in the ODA business